How to Make Your GazZup Website a Success

August 30, 2017
A lot of people write to me and ask me what they should do to become successful with GazZup.

GazZup gives you a free web builder to start a car website. We’ve made it very easy for you to start — we give you the elements, so you can start with content and matching advertisements. Sounds too good to be true? Well, don’t sit back and relax too much, but buckle up because this is just the start of your online automotive adventure.

Your website starts with GazZup, but it does not end there. Many starters think that when their website is online, it is ready. However, to be successful you need to do a little more than just start. Sure, nothing happens without starting your car blog, marketplace, or community, but you should not stop right after you created your site.

How far does your passion for cars go?

August 14, 2017
Years ago, I think in the eighties, there was a man on a TV show with a passion for his car. The show host asked him the direct question: “If your wife gave you an option: the car or her, what would you choose?”. After a short thought he was very clear in his answer: “The car would stay!”. I remember that day very well, because I totally understood that man. Not only did I agree with him, but if I were asked, I would definitely make the same choice.

Now before you’re shocked and think that I would kick my wife out for just any car, I have to say you are wrong. This man had been saving for his car, his passion, his love for years, and he and his car had had a connection way before his wife came into the picture. You can compare this with being a true supporter of a football team. Imagine you’re a big fan of Barcelona and this team means all your life. Then how big is the chance that you will leave that passion because of another person? Right, almost 0%!

8 reasons to choose GazZup

June 06, 2017
Whether you‘re a car enthusiast who wants to share their ideas with the world or you aspire to have your own car-related business (such as a marketplace), you probably need a website to implement your plans and fulfill your dreams. GazZup has been working in the field of web development since 2015, uniting petrolheads, car dealers and advertisers in one place. Since then we have come a long way to ensure that our users are satisfied with the end result, making us a number one place for building free car websites. Still not convinced? Then keep reading to find out why you should choose GazZup to build your automotive website.

Interview with JP from JP's Tuning Shop

March 24, 2017
Hi JP, thank you for agreeing to an interview with GazZup. You are one of our first and most loyal advertisers, and now we are working on your shop project together. Over this long cooperation there is a lot to ask, say and write about.

Before we start the interview please, briefly introduce yourself.
•Name: JP Bartel, nickname: JP
• Age: Should I say it? I am 45 years young.
•Place of residence: Kapelle
• Company name: JP's Tuning Shop
• Established: in 2001
• Current car: daily: Ford Focus Wagon (daily); Fully customized Toyota MR2 SW20 & VW Golf 1 Cabrio (for fun).
•Favorite car: Nissan GT-R
•Number of accidents of your life: 1
•Maximum driving speed: Over 280 Km / h in a Ferrari F40: over 280k m / h in a Ferrari F40
• Hobbies: Well ... guess what? Lego.

Paid for the first time!

March 14, 2017
Many GazZup publishers start their website out of a passion for cars. Whether they want to start a BMW forum or a blog about American cars, they do it because their heart is with cars. But there is certainly another motivation to create a website with GazZup and that's because GazZup shares up to 60% of its revenue with its publishers!

How to find inspiration for your blog articles

March 01, 2017
As a recent blogger I can say that blogging is harder than it seems. When you start a website you come up against many difficulties, such as choosing the right subject, thinking about design and grabbing the attention of your first readers. But this is nothing compared to what is to come - you have to maintain the readers' interest. To do this you must update your blog as frequently as possible, but after some time you may realize that you have exhausted all your ideas and you start looking for inspiration. In this article I will share 5 tips about how I find inspiration for my blog posts.

Get your website indexed by Google

February 10, 2017
Hello guys! Today, I am going to tell you how to make Google and other search engines find your website as quickly as possible and how to make your website popular among visitors.
So, imagine you’ve just created a website with GazZup. And now you’re anxious to show it to the world. However, when you try to google your website, it’s like it’s gone invisible! Neither Google nor other search engines can see it, which means that visitors can’t find it either! It leaves you angry, frustrated and makes you think that all the time you spent on building your website was wasted and flushed down the toilet.

Creating a multilingual website is easy

December 06, 2016
When creating a car website, we all want it to be successful and popular with its users. We try to fill it with useful and interesting content and create a beautiful design, but still it often doesn’t attract as many users as we expect. The reason for that might be that the visitors to your website simply don’t understand the language it is written in. One of the ways to solve this problem is to create a multilingual website. This is a really great way to attract visitors from other countries and make your website more successful.

Interview with automotive photographer Robert van der Graaf

December 01, 2016
Hi guys,
Today we’re interviewing Robert van der Graaf, owner of, the guy who knows how to capture the moment and make it last forever!

Dear Robert, Thank you so much for agreeing to an interview. First of all, please tell us something about your relationship with cars. How and when did it start?
I’ve been fascinated with speed from the tender age of seven. It started with riding a dirt bike which I did till the age of 15. After that, I became a big fan the F1 and I visited many racetracks.

What makes a good website design?

October 25, 2016
What is meant by a good design? Many people think that the more graphic elements the site is filled with the better it is, but that is not necessarily true.
From the point of view of functionality, a good design user-friendly. Due to the right sets and font colors the text is easy to read, the size of the elements is sufficient, and they all are in the right place. A poor design, however, does not let the user use the website freely, and thus reduces its overall efficiency.

WordPress or GazZup for your car forum, blog or site?

October 07, 2016
WordPress is the world’s most popular software for building websites, but is it really that good for building an automotive community?
What I love about WP (WordPress) is that it’s free and you can build almost everything with it. With some tweaking and tuning it can even look amazing. But WP still has its limits, and if you want to build a functional website, it doesn’t have all the tools you’re looking for. Of course it has a million plugins to extend your website, but the moment you start to use those, it isn’t free any more.

To blog or not to blog, that is the question

October 03, 2016
There are many car blogs in the world, and that is for a reason. People love reading news and stories about cars, and a blog is the perfect way to spread the word. You surely have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but with those social media tools you can’t express the enthusiasm, details and passion you have about a single subject. With automotive blog software from GazZup you can. GazZup not only provides you with blog software made for car blogs, but also it lets you profit from the moment you start blogging.

Do you love cars? Then beware of the dark force!

August 11, 2016
Do you have a passion for cars? Then beware of the dark force!
What is it with men and cars? From the moment they are a little baby they love cars. Maybe not the model directly, but the sound it makes. It’s like a lion that roars. But the love doesn’t end when they grow up. To the contrary; it only grows in the coming years.

Interview with a petrolhead

July 18, 2016
Hey guys! We have started the new column “Interview with car enthusiasts”. Usually car lovers are open-minded and are glad to share their interest and passion about cars. It is always interesting to hear the stories and the place cars occupy in their life. Recently we had an interview with a petrolhead and drift racer Gerard Dol.

How to earn money with your car website

June 17, 2016
Besides having a successful website, we all dream about making money with it. For most of us it seems impossible to turn our passion for cars into cold hard cash. In fact, most car forums and online communities cost money instead of earning it.
So our question of the day is, how can you make “serious” money with your automotive website, car forum or car blog?

Types of car websites you can create with GazZup

June 03, 2016
As you might know by now, GazZup is a platform where you can create your automotive community, marketplace or website. But what does that mean and what exactly can you do with our software? The thing is, the moment you start on GazZup you should choose from different types of websites. It gives you the advantage of your website being filled with content from the start. Of course you can always change the type of website you start with, even after it’s published. So let’s take a look at each website type to learn more about them.

The web builder made for and by petrolheads

April 14, 2016
Building a website is not that easy, but fortunately you can get online software to build your website. However, if you want to start a car website, car forum or social network for petrolheads like I did, than you have a problem. That is why it’s good that we now have GazZup, if I might say so myself.

How to create your own link directory on GazZup

April 06, 2016
Creating a link directory may be a good idea for anyone who is passionate about cars and wants to share their passion with friends and other people. If you have some quality car websites that are definitely worth sharing, a link directory would be a great way to accumulate them all in one place and help other websites to build credibility.

Why are link directories so important these days? How can they be useful for you and other people? The answer is simple – if you follow some requirements, they may be good for your SEO.

The importance of content on a car website

March 31, 2016
Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting. © Bill Gates

What is the most important aspect of every website? If your answer is content, you are right. We have already talked about it before, but I decided to write a separate article dedicated only to content.

The birth of an online web builder for car websites

March 11, 2016
12 years ago I started the website The idea came from a 10-year-old boy who was sitting next to me in the car. He was completely crazy about car tuning and styling. Then he asked me why daddy didn’t have a car tuning website when we were very enthusiastic about it. At that moment the idea was born. After a long discussion about whether it should cost money or not, we came to the conclusion to make it completely free of charge. This is because we believe that the time of paid online software has passed.

Best free stock photos to find pictures for your car site

March 01, 2016
Photos and images have always been an important part of every successful website, especially if it is car related. How often do you struggle to find good and quality images for your website which are free to use and have a suitable resolution?

Unique photos that you take yourself of your or someone else's car are the best photos to use. This is because Google loves unique content. But what if you don't have the time to make the photoshoot or you just don't have the camera that makes quality pictures?

The top 5 ways to promote your website for free

February 22, 2016
Your website is online now, but what should you do next? We have already talked about how to create an effective website. Let’s take the next step, which is called promotion. Here I’ll share with you some general tips that you should follow after creating your website.

1. Use social networks
Nowadays social networks are one of the strongest distribution channels that are widely used by...

Powerful tips for designing a good logo for your website

February 08, 2016
Building a website is not an easy thing. It becomes even more complicated when it comes to a logo of your website. How it should look like? What colors do you need to choose? Does it take a lot of time?
Here I will share some good tips how to come up with the good logo for your website.

1. Make it simple for everybody.
Your logo is an open window to your brand. It’s the first thing that will come to mind of your customers when they think about your product. In other words..

Tips for creating an effective website

February 02, 2016
If you are creating a website or are at least thinking about it you are probably wondering what to do first, and how to make the website look nice and interesting for visitors. That is why I wrote a few tips that will help you.

1. Decide the purpose of the website.
First thing you should do — choose your website type. By “type” I mean: social network, forum, blog, photo stock or just a simple fan website...