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Tips for creating an effective website

If you are creating a website or are at least thinking about it you are probably wondering what to do first, and how to make the website look nice and interesting for visitors. That is why I wrote a few tips that will help you.

1. Decide the purpose of the website.
First thing you should do — choose your website type. By “type” I mean: social network, forum, blog, photo stock or just a simple fan website for your friends. Focusing on one type will help you develop the website faster than spreading yourself too thin and trying to make it too multifunctional. It doesn’t mean that you cannot start a blog or a marketplace on your website; it means that it would be better to do it in steps.

2. Design vs structure.
Everyone likes beautiful websites and as a result we usually forget about structure and navigation inside the website itself. There is something that is more important for the visitors than design — website structure. Keep in mind logical site navigation before and while creating your website. It doesn’t matter how great the website looks, because if the navigation is poor, users will leave and probably never come back.

3. Connect your own domain name.
If you are really serious about your new website, it is better to connect your own domain name. It simply looks better and unique. It also gives you some benefits like a higher level of trust in visitors’ eyes. You can do it pretty simply; just go to one of the domain market websites (for example, and purchase the one you like the most.
To connect your domain name on GazZup to the website go to “Site Setup” and choose “I have my own domain name” radio button. Connecting your own domain name immediately gives you 20% of the profit sharing.

4. Content is the king.
Never try to copy someone’s articles! All content that you create and post for your users has to be unique. It works like this: the more unique content you produce, the better your website will be. People are always looking for interesting stuff, so just turn on your fantasy and share your thoughts with others. Also content is very important in SEO (search engine optimization). In this case quality is above quantity. For example, if you create a blog it is better to make one good quality post once a week than write every day about everything. At the same time don’t hesitate to use other resources such as websites, games, movies, books or anything else for inspiration.

5. Create a time schedule & keep the website updated.
Come up with schedule right after creating your website and stick to it. Making posts at the right time will bring you much more visitors than random postings. You also want to avoid situations when you have nothing to post so you had better prepare something for “emergency cases”.
Don’t forget to constantly update your website with new information, photos, articles, topics, etc. It will help you bring new users to your website and it will keep your existing visitors coming back. Also try to engage with your users, because people like to share their opinions.

The topic of “How to make a great website” is very extensive and I will certainly be writing more articles about it in our blog. But these top 5 tips on creating a website will help you to get started.
February 02, 2016
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