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Do you love cars? Then beware of the dark force!

Do you have a passion for cars? Then beware of the dark force!
What is it with men and cars? From the moment they are a little baby they love cars. Maybe not the model directly, but the sound it makes. It’s like a lion that roars. But the love doesn’t end when they grow up. To the contrary; it only grows in the coming years.

Around the age of 12, a dark force might cause a little change in their passion for cars. The dark force is called GIRLS! Thank God for most boys, girls will distract their love for cars for a little while, and then cars will come back into their lives. The reason is that many girls like boys with cars and you can do fun things there.

In fact, in the first years you have your license, girls will admire you driving a cool car: A nice BMW cabriolet, a cool Japanese sports car or an American SUV. A car means status and girls dig that. But be careful: before you know it the force awakens for real and this time it is not a girl or your mother that doesn’t like your car, but your wife! Yes, the same girl that loved your cool car 2,3,4 years before now tells you it is time to make a change.

Oh boy, did you forget to talk about that before the marriage? A cool car is nice for a girl when she is dating you, but from the moment she is the future mother of your children it is time to swap your BMW M3 from 2004 for an Opel Astra wagon from 2009. “WTF just happened?” you will ask yourself. This will be the dark years for you and it can take up to 30 years before you are back on your feet. (It can be faster if you swap your wife for a younger model, but that is just postponing the problem a bit.)

Around the age of 50, the time comes that you can slowly think about having a cool car again. Your children have moved out and finished university, the mortgage on your house is paid off and the time for you as a proud car owner has come back. Now it is time to propose to your wife to buy an oldtimer for those nice little rides on Sunday and to visit the grandkids.

If the internet still exists, you might want to look for a cool oldtimer from 2004; a BMW M3 Cabrio in mint condition might work for you, and together with your wife you can drive your oldtimer into the future with memories from the past.
So my advice for all you young guys who are passionate about cars is to discuss the status of your car before getting married, because afterwards your passion is in the hands of her highness. And you never know if the force is dark or light, but what you do know is that it will awaken!
August 11, 2016
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