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WordPress or GazZup for your car forum, blog or site?

WordPress is the world’s most popular software for building websites, but is it really that good for building an automotive community?
What I love about WP (WordPress) is that it’s free and you can build almost everything with it. With some tweaking and tuning it can even look amazing. But WP still has its limits, and if you want to build a functional website, it doesn’t have all the tools you’re looking for. Of course it has a million plugins to extend your website, but the moment you start to use those, it isn’t free any more.

The other question is: can all the plugins connect with each other? Do they have what it takes to connect a forum with a blog or with a marketplace, and is there room for their users to comment and communicate with each other? Probably not, but you can give it a try.
If you installed a marketplace on it and it becomes successful, how do you manage it in the right way? If you have a million products in your marketplace, you need more than just a database that can process everything. WP is not created to do that; it has no experience with complicated and fast working databases, and you probably don’t have it as well.

If you start using WP it means you start with hosting your software, which also means security settings. Now there is nothing to worry about, but still you have to do your updates. If you get hacked, which happens a lot with WP websites, then you can’t call anybody to complain to. Your website is your responsibility. Just Google “WordPress” and “Hacked” and you will understand that you need good security settings as well as keeping your website up to date.
In conclusion, WP is great to start a website with, especially if it is a simple website with some information, a small company website or a blog. It has unlimited plugins to extend your website. I really can recommend WP to all starters. But when you want to start a social network, a marketplace or a combination of several functional elements on one website, I would not recommend WP.

Is GazZup a good alternative to create it all? Well if you want to start a car forum, an automotive marketplace or a blog about BMW, Dodge, Honda or any other car brand, yes we are. GazZup doesn’t make software just for a website; we are an advanced web builder for functional car websites. Without any downloading, uploading, hosting or programming, you can start your websites within minutes and build and extend it with our own and free to use plugins. And as we host it on our own high-end servers, with high-end security settings, you don’t have to worry about all that either.

GazZup is made by and for petrol heads. We understand that you prefer having grease under your nails than looking into bits and bytes to create a website.
Is GazZup perfect? No, in many ways WP gives you more options, but when you think about it, when you work on a car, you don’t need a list with all the options and spare parts for all car brands in the world. No, you need the options that are useful to your needs. And when it comes to building a car forum, blog or marketplace, GazZup has the right options for you.
October 07, 2016
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