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To blog or not to blog, that is the question

There are many car blogs in the world, and that is for a reason. People love reading news and stories about cars, and a blog is the perfect way to spread the word. You surely have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but with those social media tools you can’t express the enthusiasm, details and passion you have about a single subject. With automotive blog software from GazZup you can. GazZup not only provides you with blog software made for car blogs, but also it lets you profit from the moment you start blogging.

So let’s imagine you want to start blogging about car news, events and the latest models that are coming onto the market, but how can you prevent your blog from becoming one out of the 99.999 car blogs that talk about the same things? If you want, you can become another copycat and use other websites to get inspired about the new Mercedes GT AMG or latest Bentley. But if you do that, you will have a tough fight against all the others. You will probably be following the news and rewriting a story that was already published by the others. In my opinion this will not bring you the success you hoped for. Try to think differently; make up your own stories, don’t copy them. Why would you write about something that has already been written about?

Start writing about something that you really like and have access to. This is very important, because you might be really into Ferraris, but if you live 500km away from the nearest Ferrari dealer, and you have no contacts whatsoever, it will be difficult. The same goes when your uncle works at the Volkswagen dealership, but you are into American cars. It will also not give you the motivation that you’re looking for. To become a successful blogger you need to have both passion and connections.

My passion is car tuning. I just love tuned cars, and every day I take photos of them on the streets. To me it doesn’t matter if the tuned car is expensive, what brand it is or if it is fast or slow. To me it’s important that I see the love and effort that a person puts into his or her car. And that is what I like to write about. Since I can write about my passion and I have access to my passion, it makes it easy to keep adding content to my website.


My final advice: keep it simple and make them smile! If you write with passion, make sure people understand your passion. A lot of people like to read about cars, look at photos and be entertained. Unless you’re writing a technical car repair blog, don’t overload your readers with too much technical information. Don’t use too many elaborate words that are only understood by high society people. Keep it simple, make them smile, and keep them coming back. If you’re able to do that, you have the chance to become a successful blogger.

October 03, 2016
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