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Creating a multilingual website is easy

When creating a car website, we all want it to be successful and popular with its users. We try to fill it with useful and interesting content and create a beautiful design, but still it often doesn’t attract as many users as we expect. The reason for that might be that the visitors of your website simply don’t understand the language it is written in. One of the ways to solve this problem is to create a multilingual website. This is a really great way to attract visitors from other countries and make your website more successful.

Many people think that having the website in English is enough to make it popular. They are partly right, because it is an international language and is understood by many users, so most people can get the general idea of what you are trying to say. But if you want people to not only understand what your page is about but also become members of your site, comment and communicate with each other, then translating your website is essential. What is more, if the content is written in the users’ native language it makes them stay on your website longer and even trust you more!

Having a multilingual website is especially useful, when you are creating a shop or a marketplace. If you want your website to be popular not only in your country, but also in other countries, you need to speak the same language as your target audience. And what is also really great, is that people from abroad will find your website faster. If you want to find an automotive online marketplace, for example, you are much more likely to Google it in your mother tongue than in English.

So as we can see, a multilingual website has many advantages, but most of us still seem to find creating a website a difficult process. You have to bear in mind many things, such as sorting out domain names, the translation of content and page layout. Luckily, GazZup makes everything easy and you don’t have to worry about anything. Although we don’t translate your content, there are many services that can do it for you. I suggest using, where you can get quality translation, proofreading or editing from native speakers all around the world for a reasonable price.
Another problem that might stop you from translating your content is that the length of the original and translated texts can be different, but they both have to fit in the same space. Don’t worry, because we have considered this problem when designing our layouts and made them flexible.

So what exactly should you do?

The first thing you need to do is decide which languages you want your website to be available in. In basic settings you will be shown a list of 10 languages. All you have to do is to put a tick next to a certain language and it will automatically appear on your website, marked with the flag of the country it is spoken in. Next, you have to translate the content of your website. If for some reason, you don’t have your content translated into a particular language, it’s ok, because it will still be shown in your main language (the one that was selected first). So your visitors will still have the opportunity to see your posts and there will be no empty spaces on your site.

Furthermore, if you have already created your website with GazZup in one language and it is successful, but you also want to have it translated, we offer you an easy solution - you don’t have to create separate websites for each language you have. This way, you will still maintain your search engine rankings, your online reputation, and the authority that was built up for your main site.

So, take your time and take care of the linguistic aspects of your website. Remember that making your site as easy for the users as possible is essential, and by having it available in different languages you will not only attract more users, but also show them that you value and care about them.

Good luck with creating a multilingual car website!
December 06, 2016
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