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How to find inspiration for your blog articles

As a recent blogger I can say that blogging is harder than it seems. When you start a website you come up against many difficulties, such as choosing the right subject, thinking about design and grabbing the attention of your first readers. But this is nothing compared to what is to come - you have to maintain the readers' interest. To do this you must update your blog as frequently as possible, but after some time you may realize that you have exhausted all your ideas and you start looking for inspiration. In this article I will share 5 tips about how I find inspiration for my blog posts.

Follow trends

First off you have to keep up with the latest news and events in the field you are blogging about and be aware of current trends. Social media can help you analyse what’s popular at the moment, and this knowledge guarantees that many users will read your post. The easiest way to find out what is trending at the moment is to follow the right people and resources on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and to save interesting posts and ideas. Another helpful social media tool for saving creative ideas is Pinterest. The more you use it, the more Pins are shown, which means that it is nearly impossible to run out of ideas and you can always find something inspiring.

Read other people’s blogs

This is the tip that is definitely used by most bloggers and it personally works best for me. I am subscribed to many car-related blogs, where I gain ideas and solutions from other authors. This not only gives me new topics to write about, but also it helps me get to know my competitors better, analyze what makes them successful (or not) and become a better blogger myself. A good idea might be to invite other bloggers to post something on your website, because it will attract their readers’ attention to your site. Besides, reading itself improves your imagination, and those who read usually have a more varied range of words and extensive vocabulary, which makes their articles more interesting for the readers.

Attend events

There is no better way to draw inspiration than visiting events related to the field you are blogging about. By doing this you not only see the current trends, but you also communicate with the people who are interested in the same things as you, ask them questions and get a better understanding of what your potential audience would like to read about. Finally, you create really unique and personal posts (pictures and texts), where you describe the events objectively, because you have seen everything with your own eyes. For all car lovers I suggest going to motor shows, fairs, car exhibitions, and tuning meetings that take place almost every month all around Europe!

Try new formats

The websites where every post or article is written in the same format might become quite boring. To brighten up your website, try new formats. If you really don’t know what to write about, take your earlier postings and simply change their format. For instance, you can create a top-10 list, which is always easy to think up, or you can film a video on your articles and post it on your website. If you previously posted pictures, now you can write an article about them, and so on.

Simply look around

Sometimes it is enough to simply look at the things that surround you. Since we all write about cars, inspiration is everywhere. By just looking at tuned cars you might find ideas for your next post or blog article. So many things happen on the road every day that you don’t even have to search for topics for your new next article. For example, I once came up with the idea to write driving styles and personalities by paying attention to drivers who take me to work.

I would like to conclude my article by mentioning that just following my advice won’t make your blog/ -website successful. In my opinion, only having passion for what you write about is the key to success. Readers are very hard to deceive, and if you write with enthusiasm, - what eventually happens is that you don’t have to look for inspiration. Instead, you become an inspiration yourself and your blog becomes a source of new ideas for others.
March 01, 2017
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