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Powerful tips for designing a good logo for your website

Building a website is not an easy thing. It becomes even more complicated when it comes to a logo of your website. How it should look like? What colors do you need to choose? Does it take a lot of time?
Here I will share some good tips how to come up with the good logo for your website.

1. Make it simple for everybody.
Your logo is an open window to your brand. It’s the first thing that will come to mind of your customers when they think about your product. In other words your logo is the direct representation of who you are, that is your product and what are you doing. So be as clear and simple as possible, try not to overload your logo with useless elements or text. It allows quick recognition and your logo becomes quite memorable for your customers. Everyone should see a straight connection between your website, your logo and what you are doing.

2. Be unique.
Do not copy or follow brands’ logos already existing on the market. It will be clear from the start that you have stolen someone’s idea and your visitors will come to the conclusion that you just lack imagination and your website is not worth any time.
Be creative and try to think out of the box. Find out something that will distinguish your brand from your competitors.

3. Choose the right colors.
The color conveys the main meaning of your brand and helps you to accent the message of your website to the visitors. It is a great tool to play with. Choose for your logo from one to three colors which represent your website as well.
For sure, everyone likes bright colors, but be careful using them.
Keep in mind that every color may have different implications and provokes diverse feelings as well. It would be strange to use black colors for a logo of a company which organizes holidays for children.

4. Benefit from the online tools.
You don’t need to be an expert in Photoshop to design a good logo. Let’s leave it for graphic and web designers and try to do something by ourselves. In case you need some assistance to design your website logo you can always use various online tools already existing in the Internet. Here are some of the most popular:

There you just need to put the name of your brand, what is the product and in seconds you will be proposed hundreds of different variations how you logo may look. So, let’s suppose you are a big car enthusiast and want a website about cars. In this case you just need to write a name of your brand/website and put a tick near “Automotive”. In next few seconds you will discover dozens of logos visually related to cars. It is up to you to play with colors, add a slogan and decide what exactly you want to see.

5. Understand what it means.
So, finally, you have designed your logo. Look at it carefully. Does everything seem clear to you? Look at the most popular brands, every logo has its own history and context. In case of your own website, there is no need to have the great story behind it, but at least everyone should have the idea what the special picture or slogan on your logo symbolizes. The great example may be a GazZup logo, with the good combination of image and slogan on it, which clearly shows that the company has a direct connection to cars.

Now you have a general idea what you should think about before designing your logo. Keeping in mind these simple tips will help you to create the logo that from the very beginning will grab attention of your visitors and give the clear idea of your website.
February 08, 2016
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