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We would like to inform you that GazZup and its child websites will be terminated on February, 1st. Please, contact us for additional questions.

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Paid for the first time!

Many GazZup publishers start their website out of a passion for cars. Whether they want to start a BMW forum or a blog about American cars, they do it because their heart is with cars. But there is certainly another motivation to create a website with GazZup and that's because GazZup shares up to 60% of its revenue with its publishers!

The idea behind it is simple: We need our publishers as much as we need our advertisers. The publisher has to fully focus on the content of their website and let us take care of the rest: the technology, hosting and income. To some publishers the moment of payment has already come. In autumn 2016, the first petrolheads were paid by GazZup and that certainly motivated these publishers to work even harder on their websites.

Did everything go right this first time paying the publishers? No, I must be honest; there were quite a lot of things that went a bit wrong at the first time, but we did everything possible to benefit our publishers. The second payout went a lot smoother and in the future we promise to work even harder and do our best to make sure everything goes quickly and correctly. We will also provide more clarity about how the system works to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

However, where there is a chance to earn money, there might also be some doubts about the honesty of the system. We take fraud very seriously, and that is why we have reduced the possibilities to cheat to a minimum. By continually working on our advertising system and constantly keeping in touch with both our advertisers and publishers, we now have an advertising system, which we can be proud of. And if the visitors of the over 600 automotive websites go to our advertisers’ shops through our network, we reward our publishers by sharing our profits with them.

Finally, there is this question: How much can a GazZup publisher earn? This question is difficult to answer. We have publishers who earn thousands of euros per year thanks to their website and there are those that convert a few euros per year. The important thing is that a publisher puts their heart and soul into their website. By working on your website and adding pictures and texts as well as telling your friends and other petrolheads about your site, you can achieve anything you want with it. GazZup provides you with all the tools to be successful. We are your gasoline, but only you decide how much force you use when you press the gas pedal!
March 14, 2017
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