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8 reasons to choose GazZup

Whether you‘re a car enthusiast who wants to share their ideas with the world or you aspire to have your own car-related business (such as a marketplace), you probably need a website to implement your plans and fulfill your dreams. GazZup has been working in the field of web development since 2015, uniting petrolheads, car dealers and advertisers in one place. Since then we have come a long way to ensure that our users are satisfied with the end result, making us a number one place for building free car websites. Still not convinced? Then keep reading to find out why you should choose GazZup to build your automotive website.

1. Easy to use
You might think that you will have to go through a range of typical procedures of website building, including programming, downloading and uploading, installing, updating and creating design. However, you will not have to deal with any of these things with GazZup. We understand that most of our users have neither time nor wish to master the tough techniques of site building. That is why we have developed a service which allows you to create a website without having any special knowledge. For example, you can activate as well as remove an element from your page, add a new language or change the design in a few clicks.

2. Constant support
Despite the ease of use of our web builder, you may still have some technical or other questions. For that reason we believe it’s important to provide you with comprehensive assistance during the whole process of website building. Our tooltips that are present at every webbuilding stage as well as some explainer videos and blog articles available on the website will be really helpful if there is something that you find confusing. Besides, you can always contact our support team via online live support, our ticket system, or by simply writing to us on Facebook. We are always happy to help you out and answer your questions.

3. Free of charge
One more important factor that everyone usually takes into consideration when choosing the platform to start a website is the price of the software and service. If it is too high, it usually stops us from choosing a certain web builder. Luckily GazZup is 100% free for our publishers, and you can be sure that there will be no fine print forcing you to pay later for all the services provided. Hosting, traffic, advertising and unlimited disc space are all provided without any additional charges, and it will always be like this.

4. Profit sharing
If it still doesn’t sound convincing to you, then how about the fact that GazZup gives you the opportunity to earn money with your website? Yes, we also share profit with our publishers. If your site proves to be popular with the visitors and attracts the attention of numerous people, it is possible to get up to 60 % of the profit. How much you earn totally depends on the quality of the content of your website and the number of members you have. So don’t miss your chance to get a financial reward by using the services of GazZup.

5. Matching adverts
We provide something that you won’t find on any other website building platform: Apart from all the above mentioned features that you get from us, your website is immediately filled with adverts. They are not just car related, but they also match your site exactly. It means that if your site is about Honda cars, your visitors will see only Honda advertisements. This is beneficial not only for the advertisers but also for you as publishers, because the deep targeted ads immediately make your website look better and the visitors see only the adverts they are interested in. Besides, you don’t have to spend much time searching for the advertisers – with GazZup you have them right after starting a website!

6. Dynamic websites
Another thing that makes GazZup really special is that it provides you with many ways to interact with your website users. This means that the visitors to your site can become members, create their own profiles on your website, communicate with each other and leave comments. This feature allows you to create dynamic website components – such as forums, marketplaces or even social networks. At the same time you don’t have to worry about the capacity of the system, because it can handle a huge number of visitors and members. Of course you could say that you have other options to create a forum, but with GazZup you can create something really unique, which will make your forum stand out among other similar-looking ones.

7. GazZup is adapted for car enthusiasts
GazZup is a 100% automotive platform. It has been exclusively developed for car enthusiasts and everything in the system is created to make it comfortable for petrolheads. When you start a website, it is already filled with car-related content as well as pre-set photos. This way, your website doesn’t look empty from the beginning. Of course, you can fully customize your website with your own texts and photos. If you have decided to start a marketplace, we give you the first products to be sold.

8. Online in 5 minutes
However incredible it may sound, your site is really online several minutes after you create it and filled with everything you need: from basic elements to advertisements. In addition, we give you strong automatic SEO optimization from the start, so your site will already rank well on Google.

If these 8 reasons still don’t motivate you to choose GazZup to build your website or you find them hard to believe, then we suggest you stop reading and start creating your site to see all the benefits of using our platform yourself. For our part, we, on the GazZup team will continue developing new features and functions to make it even better and easier to use and we will keep surprising you with new opportunities.

June 06, 2017
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