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How far does your passion for cars go?

Years ago, I think in the eighties, there was a man on a TV show with a passion for his car. The show host asked him the direct question: “If your wife gave you an option: the car or her, what would you choose?”. After a short thought he was very clear in his answer: “The car would stay!”. I remember that day very well, because I totally understood that man. Not only did I agree with him, but if I were asked, I would definitely make the same choice.

Now before you’re shocked and think that I would kick my wife out for just any car, I have to say you are wrong. This man had been saving for his car, his passion, his love for years, and he and his car had had a connection way before his wife came into the picture. You can compare this with being a true supporter of a football team. Imagine you’re a big fan of Barcelona and this team means all your life. Then how big is the chance that you will leave that passion because of another person? Right, almost 0%!

But how far will your passion go? In football we often see riots among rivals, which I see much less with car enthusiasts. Yes, you have BMW Family groups on Facebook and pages about Honda spotters. But I’m pretty sure that if they meet each other while waiting for a traffic light, the chance of a fight is very low. Maybe they will do race to the next traffic light, but that is it.

When it comes to passion for cars and rivalry among brands, the maximum you will see is an extensive discussion about which brand is better, has a longer history, and is more timeless. These discussions are relatively harmless and none of the car loving debaters will kick the other person’s car. Because even when you have a passion for one brand, you will still have a passion for cars in general, and you understand the love the other person has for his car.

In some way this love for the smell of burned rubber and gasoline is not very often understood by women. Yes, of course you have them at every car-related event. And no, I don’t mean the latex-dressed girls who are there to promote a brand; they are there just for the money. At each meeting there will be around 80% men and 20% women with a passion for cars. I know that some of those girls have such love of cars that it even exceeds the love of cars of many men. But yes, it is only 20%.

If your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife had the same passion for cars as you have, she would never ask you the question: “The car or me?” for the simple reason that she would understand what you feel when you look at your car. But the fact is that still the majority of men still dates or will marry a girl who will not understand them 100%.

But guys, let’s be honest, do you understand all the passions women have?
August 14, 2017
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