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How to Make Your GazZup Website a Success

A lot of people write to me and ask me what they should do to become successful with GazZup.

GazZup gives you a free web builder to start a car website. We’ve made it very easy for you to start — we give you the elements, so you can start with content and matching advertisements. Sounds too good to be true? Well, don’t sit back and relax too much, but buckle up because this is just the start of your online automotive adventure.
Your website starts with GazZup, but it does not end there. Many starters think that when their website is online, it is ready. However, to be successful you need to do a little more than just start. Sure, nothing happens without starting your car blog, marketplace, or community, but you should not stop right after you created your site.

If you start, for example, with a PHPBB forum software, you’ll have an empty forum about cars. This means that you have to find members, post messages, and advertise your website before people come and join you. With GazZup software it’s not much different. Well, of course you will have no hosting problem, you don’t have to do updates or need any programming skills. We do all this for you. Oh yes, we also give you the first photo albums and other content. Still, at this moment you only begin your automotive journey.

So what should you do after the start? One of the first things I would recommend each website owner to do is add an amazing background picture. This gives your website such a boost in appearance that people will immediately feel attracted to it. Of course our standard backgrounds are also OK, but when you start, you want to create the WOW effect and a good picture helps. Then start adding photos to your photo albums. We give you the first 15 albums, but I would add more. We have a cool tool that helps you find photos online very fast and easily. Finally, take some time creating a cool homepage. You can add photos, videos, texts, and your website will stand out from others.

Starting a website has taken you 5 minutes, giving it a look and feel will cost you some hours. But this time is well spent if you want to create a serious website.
The next step is social media. A website like has over 15.000 followers on Facebook. And a good post on Facebook means a big stream of free visitors coming to that website. And those visitors post, share, and like TuneZup on Facebook, therefore it attracts the visitors’ attention. Websites made with GazZup are very social, so your members can like, comment, and share on your website. And that is what you want – a community where people come and post. This makes your website grow in a natural way.

What does all that success mean to you? First of all, you get a website that you can be proud of. But there is more…. More content, more users mean more money for you. The advertisements on your website are not only to fill our pockets. No, when you are successful (and you can be), we share 60% of every Euro that comes in thanks to you because we believe in sharing success with the guys who take time to make their websites great!

In addition to giving you free website software and sharing our profit with you we listen to you, give you ideas, and answer your questions. So when you start with GazZup and you feel alone, remember this and let us help you to make a success online.
August 30, 2017
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