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How to create your own link directory on GazZup

Creating a link directory may be a good idea for anyone who is passionate about cars and wants to share their passion with friends and other people. If you have some quality car websites that are definitely worth sharing, a link directory would be a great way to accumulate them all in one place and help other websites to build credibility.

Why are link directories so important these days? How can they be useful for you and other people? The answer is simple – if you follow some requirements, they may be good for your SEO.

A long time ago link directories were the first source of finding good websites.
Nowadays, not only do they help you find effective and interesting websites, but also play an important role in determining your position in search engines. One of the diverse things taken into account by Google while ranking your website is how many incoming links go to your own website from external quality websites that concern the same automotive field. So by getting more backlinks from a quality car website, your website position will go up in Google.

If you haven’t created your website on GazZup yet, there are two main ways to start your link directory:
1. While creating a website choose your website type as «Link Directory», and then decide what website layout you want to use and select other important settings. Your link directory is ready to get filled! All you need is to add useful links.
2. Another way is in your website type you can choose «Customized Website», which includes a link directory as well, but you are given many more options to play with – from marketplace to photo albums.
Keep in mind that you can change your website type and other pre-settings any time you want, even after your website is published. Don’t panic; if you choose a website type that differs from the ones mentioned above or you already have a website, you still have the possibility to transform it into a link directory. Just go to your website Settings.

Now you have two possible variants– either you add a simple links block where you put all your links or a lot of custom blocks, and each of them will represent one link.
In case you want to add an ordinary links block, keep in mind that every registered user has the possibility to add links to it as well.
First you should decide where exactly you want to add your links block – to the Home Page or in Categories. To do this, go to the Web Builder section of your website and add «Links» in Optional Elements according to the editing page – Home Page, Categories. Don’t forget to add the links category to your Menu as well to help your users navigate quickly on your website.

After publishing a website, in order to add a link to your links block you should go to the «Links» category on your Home Page and click «Add a Link».
After this you should:
- Give it a title and a short description according to the selected language
- Choose the category the link belongs to; by default GazZup provides you with a bunch of diverse categories, but you can adjust them according to your own tastes in your Admin Panel. To do this, go to your Website settings - Admin Panel – Link Categories.
- Add a link itself and choose the country
- Add a photo that describes the link (it is good to use the logo of a website where the link is taken from, but do not forget to adjust it to the right size).

Second variant: adding custom blocks that can help make your link directory really stunning. Each block represents a link, and only you have the right to add links to your website by adjusting them on your Home Page. What advantages does this provide? Your website will become much more attractive. For example, you can add a cover photo for each link and a short description to it. To do this, go to the Web Builder section of your website and in Presentation Category choose «Photo» or «MultiBlock» and adjust the block to your own taste.

You can regularly update your website list by adding quality car websites and removing those that are no longer interesting or have lapsed in quality.

As you can see, creating a car link directory is not as difficult as it seems and can be fun. Do you have effective and valuable car websites you would like to share with others?
April 06, 2016
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