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Dear GazZup users!

We would like to inform you that GazZup and its child websites will be terminated on February, 1st. Please, contact us for additional questions.

Thank you for being with us!

The web builder made for and by petrolheads

Building a website is not that easy, but fortunately you can get online software to build your website. However, if you want to start a car website, car forum or social network for petrolheads like I did, than you have a problem. That is why it’s good that we now have GazZup, if I might say so myself.

The idea of GazZup was to make the software available to those people who know more about grease on their hands than kilobytes and programming. We wanted to build a system that is 100% focused on petrolheads. Of course, that is easier said than done, but I had good experience with two previous car websites that I made. One of them became the starting point for GazZup, and we filled it up with additional options.

For example, we made the software so you can start a:
1. Car marketplace
2. Car forum
3. Car photo album
4. Car social network
5. Car link directory

The most important word was ‘CAR’, is ‘CAR’ and always will be ‘CAR’. So downloading, uploading, hosting and all that stuff were not on our list of options. We wanted to create something that you can compare with a start and go button. The moment you start you have a ready-to-go website. Well, are you ready? Roughly speaking, the idea is that as soon as you started the website you really have a website filled with content. Now it is up to the webmasters to tweak and tune it. And this is all without programming; just drag and drop and choose the colors you like.

So what if you want to build a website that is not for cars? Bad luck for you, because GazZup is designed for building a car website only. It is a complete web builder only for automotive websites. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a car forum, a club website or a marketplace. As long as it is about the passion on four wheels, we have the software for you.
Now that it’s online, do we just sit still and relax? No, our race has just started and we now have many more ideas that will be implemented soon. These are not only our ideas; many of them came from our users. Those people are true petrolheads like you and me, so when we create a new function it is always created from the perspective of people who share the same interest….. You guessed it: CARS, CARS & more CARS!

GazZup, made for and by petrolheads.
April 14, 2016
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