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Types of car websites you can create with GazZup

As you might know by now, GazZup is a platform where you can create your automotive community, marketplace or website. But what does that mean and what exactly can you do with our software? The thing is, the moment you start on GazZup you should choose from different types of websites. It gives you the advantage of your website being filled with content from the start. Of course you can always change the type of website you start with, even after it’s published. So let’s take a look at each website type to learn more about them.


Before we launched GazZup we had made an online marketplace for modified cars that soon became quite popular, so we can say that the marketplace is the root of our company. If you want to have an automotive marketplace and give your users and visitors the possibility to start selling cars and car parts on your website, you should choose “Marketplace”. It has two main parts: cars and parts for sale. The great advantage of our marketplace system is that we help you to it fill with real cars and parts for sale that are provided by the car companies we work with. So from the moment you start you have actual cars and parts for sale on your website. Another cool option is the brand filter. Imagine you want to have a website just about BMW or Japanese cars. Now it becomes possible! Select one or more brands and your website will be filled just with cars, parts and information about the car brands you have chosen.

Photo Gallery

Nowadays people take more photos in a day than our grandparents did in their lifetime. Photo websites are among the most popular websites in the world. Just imagine your profile on your favorite social network without photos…. BORING!! So if you want to start your automotive photo website, now it is possible with GazZup. A photo gallery website gives you and your friends, users and visitors the possibility to see, add and share the car photos they like. We also built a system that will search for photos you might like to see. I will not say that we are so smart that all the photos are 100% what you want to see, so feel free to delete and add photos.


People love forums to communicate about their passions. Globally there are thousands of forums about cars and thousands more will be created in the future. For many people, especially for petrolheads, forums remain the best way to communicate and share ideas, problems and solutions. With GazZup you can create your own forum in just minutes. What we did for you is preset the most popular forum categories, so the moment you start your car forum you don’t have to think about it. Like everywhere on GazZup you can redesign your forum to your own wishes.

Social Network

A part of each GazZup website is our Timeline that we call “WhatZup”. It sounds maybe a bit strange, but it means “What is going on”. This timeline can be compared to a timeline you might have seen on other big social networks. The cool thing about a social network is that you can share posts with everybody or just with your friends, or you can follow people, car clubs and companies you like. If you want to create a social network, we recommend you combine it with some other features like photo albums or events. But that is up to you.

Car Events

Sema, the Essen Motor Show, Pebble Beach and 1,000,000 other car shows take place each year. If you’re really into car events, this is a great way to start your own car events website. It doesn’t matter if it is a global event like the Geneva Car Show or just you and some friends meeting each Sunday at McDonalds. Having your own car event website shows that you and your users have a life offline as well. Add photo albums and people will come back to your website to check out if they have been pictured.

Link Directory

Link directories can be a great source for people to find what they are looking for. GazZup provides you with all the important tools to start your link directory right away. What we didn’t do is give you a page where you can add just a link. We made sure that your link directory is visually appealing for your visitors. You can add photos and text to each link and, believe us, other people will want a link on your website. You can customize your directory and make sure it stands out from the thousands of link directory clones out there.

Full Options

Still can’t choose what the best option is for you? Well, in that case you need to go for everything all at once. Yes you read that right; you can go for the “Full Options” site. This means you get everything we have at one time: a full social network for cars, with a forum, marketplace, photo gallery, link directory and much, much more. This may be a bit overwhelming, but if you want to do some serious work with your car website, then this is the way to go.


Ok, “Full Options” might be a bit too much for you. So then we have our last option to start with, and that is an “Empty” website. This means you have to start from scratch. After starting your website all you need to do is to go to your web builder on GazZup and start creating your amazing car website.

Now it’s up to you to decide what you like and what is best for you. If it’s for fun and communication, choose Social Network or Forum. If you want to share your car portfolio, the Photo Gallery or Car Events are the best for you.

I hope our tips and ideas will help you create an amazing automotive website with GazZup. Don’t forget: even after having chosen one type of website, you can still make changes to it, like adding, removing and altering different elements and blocks on your car website. And whenever you get stuck, have lost inspiration or really have no idea what to do anymore, contact us by mail, ticket or chat.

Which type of website would you choose? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
June 03, 2016
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