What can I do with the GazZup software?
GazZup allows you to start your own automotive related website. You can build it as a marketplace, forum, blog or even social network with a timeline!
What do I need to start using GazZup?
Five minutes of your time. That is all you need to start a GazZup website. Within those 5 minutes we provide you with a website with cars and parts for sale. After that it's up to you how you want to change it, add and remove elements and give it your own look and feel.
Does my website have to be car related?
GazZup software is automotive specialized, so yes, your website has to be car related.
Do I need to have programming experience to use software?
No! We take care of the technical side like programming and hosting. All you need is a desire to share your passion with others!
I have a website, but I'd like to try your software, how does that go?
If you have a forum and you want to use our software, we are happy to work with you and see the possibilities to transfer all your data to our system. Don't worry about data loss; we first do a test, and if we are compatible, we can transform your website into a new experience. Please contact us for more information, and we will see what we can do for you.
Where are you from?
We are an international company located in the Netherlands. Our servers are also there.
In what countries are you active?
We are an international company, so you can use our software from any country in the world. At this moment we are active mostly in Western Europe.
How can I register on GazZup?
You should click on the Sign up button on the top of each page.
Can I have several accounts? How many websites can I create in one account?
Yes, this is allowed, but there is no need for it. On one account you can create as many websites as you need.
Is it possible to be a Publisher, Agent and/or Advertiser at the same time?
Yes. It's possible. We are happy to welcome you as an Advertiser or an Agent on GazZup. To become an Agent you have to apply; for further information please contact us.
How many visitors can you handle a month?
We don't have any restrictions to the amount of visitors. Our software is programmed with a high load.
I want to join your team, how do I do that?
We are always looking for interesting people. Please contact us to get more information.
What are your plans for the future?
Right now the GazZup software is in the beta testing stage. This means that we are making improvements every day. In the future we want to become one of the biggest automotive networks in the world.