What is the difference between a main account (super user) and admin?
The webmaster and the admin can be the same person, if you like. The webmaster is the person that has the main user account on your website, and they can control and interact with users. The admin controls your settings and administration on GazZup, and they can manage (create, edit and delete) a website.
Can I add another person (subaccount) to moderate my website?
Yes, you can. To do this, go to Settings/Accounts/Add a person option. You should write the information about him/her, choose user type (moderator or admin) and click save. After this the changes will take effect.
Where can I see my balance?
You can see your balance at the right top of your home page after you log in.
Can I create e-mail accounts for my website?
At this moment GazZup doesn't offer this feature.
Is it possible to find out how many visitors are on my website?
Yes, all you need to do is add Google Analytics to your website.
Why can't I google my site?
It will take a little time after your site is indexed by the search engines before Internet users and you will be able to find your site using the search box. It usually takes some time for newly published sites to get indexed.
Can I get in contact with other publishers?
We are planning to create a forum where you will be able to communicate with others.
I see a bug, what should I do?
If you find a bug, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will fix it. GazZup is a relatively new network and we do our best to avoid any technical problems.