How do you use cookies?
Here are some examples of how uses cookies:
  • Our cookies help to remember and secure all your search results made on our website recently. In other cases they will be wiped out after you visit any part of the search.
  • Our cookies make you stay and keep login during and even after the end of the session on our website.
To see other examples of using cookies, go to our Use of cookies.
How secure is my private information?
By using GazZup you can be completely sure of the safety of your private information. For more information, go to Privacy Policy.
Can I create my own website if I don't agree with the Terms of Service?
No, you need to accept our Terms of Service to start using GazZup.
How do you use my content and personal information?
Your personal information may be used to:
  • verify your identity (for example when you return to the site);
  • personalize your visits to the site and customize the services provided to you;
  • contact you regarding functionality changes to our Website and services, and special offers we think you'll find interesting;
  • conduct market research;
  • monitor and prevent fraud and abuse;
  • carry out statistical, technical and logistical information that is not collected in such a way that would identify any particular user of the system;
  • provide you with advertising more relevant to your interests and your online behaviour through the use of cookies when you visit our website.
For more information, go to our Privacy Policy.
What should I do if I find offensive or illegal material on the GazZup network?
If you find offensive or illegal material on the GazZup network, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.
Do you share my personal information with third parties?
We may at times provide information about you to third parties to provide various services on our behalf. For more information, go to our Privacy Policy.
Do I need to add legal agreements, such as a User agreement or Privacy Policy to my website?
They will be added to your website automatically.