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The right car at the right place!

GazZup is the way to bring your car inventory more effective to the attention of automotive minded consumers.

GazZup shows your inventory proactive on hundreds of car websites, blogs and communities that are started, managed and visited by people who have an above average interest in a certain car brand. We make sure that the right car is shown to the right potential buyer, Volvo on Volvo websites and Honda on Honda websites.
If you advertise on a traditional online marketplace, you have to wait until the buyer comes to you. We turned around this process and let the car come to the buyer. This will move the contact moment and potential sale forward. It’s like your inventory of cars is present at hundreds of cars shows and meetings every day.

In the first 6 months over 400 automotive websites were started by car enthusiasts and they reach over 400.000 visitors a month.

How does it work? All you have to do is to connect your inventory software that you use to advertise to our system and we are happy to help you with it.

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