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Dear GazZup users!

We would like to inform you that GazZup and its child websites will be terminated on February, 1st. Please, contact us for additional questions.

Thank you for being with us!
What is a GazZup website exactly?
A GazZup website is a functional website such as a forum, community or marketplace. A website created using GazZup doesn’t stand out because of its one-of-a-kind design. In fact, the design is simple, easy to use and is designed to interact with other users and visitors. But if you compare our design with a standard forum, marketplace, link directory or any other functional websites, then the website you created with our software will stand out.
It stands out in:
Provided content
Advertising potential
GazZup has everything you need to turn your automotive online activity into a success.

Like all complicated software, you have to try it out and give it a chance. Of course you are online in 5 minutes, but that is just the beginning. You can add, remove and change the different elements on your website, and when you start building you will see how it grows and becomes better and better.
If we may give you some simple tips:
  1. • Start with your “Home Page”. A good Home Page gives your visitors a first impression of who you are and what you do.
    1. Choose what elements you want to share on your Home Page.
    2. Add a cover and some text that appeals to your audience.
  2. • The second step is your “New on Your Website” page. Here all visitors can see your and your users’ activities.
  3. • After you finish those two pages, you are really on your way.
Some more tips that might help you:
Add the element “Albums”, because people love to look at photos.
Imagine your website is all about classic Volvos and you want to have photos on your website. Adding the photos you have to different albums to your website will bring your website to life. Don’t forget, nobody likes to be first, so by adding them yourself, it is more likely that others will do the same.
If you want to start a forum, we can help you with already preset categories and subcategories.
You can use them, change them or add some new ones.
It is time to give your website its own style, colors, backgrounds and a logo. Feel free to adjust everything to your own taste!
What we can recommend for sure is to add a small logo on top of your website and an e-mail header. These give your website its own face.
Possibilities? When you just started your website, we gave you the following elements: “Parts for Sale”, “Cars for Sale”, “Online Stores”, etc. You started with a real website filled with content, but maybe this is not what you are exactly looking for. So here is a short explanation about what the elements and possibilities are.
Let’s start with the core of our system, the WhatZup Timeline. You can compare this with the Facebook Timeline where you see what you and your friends post. Your users can decide to make WhatZup visible for all visitors or only for friends. To see all users’ main activities, you can go to WhatZup XXL, and there you see everything that is happening.

Car marketplace
Buy, Sell & Share, this is what people can do on your website. We developed a marketplace for you to buy and sell cars or parts. In your GazZup settings you can specify the brand of cars your website is about, or you can sell cars of all brands. Because we know how difficult it is to start a marketplace, we give you a head start. We add cars and parts for sale from our database, which are provided by web shops and car dealers. How cool is that? From the moment you start you have actual cars and parts for sale on your website. And because we are always expanding, your website is also growing.

Show Rides
Not for sale, just for show. Your users can add their cars to the website and let others rate and discuss them. “Show Rides” is a great way for your users to interact with others. You know that everybody has their own opinion about cars; therefore by adding this section to your website you will encourage an open discussion and flourishing of the website.

Online Stores
This is the element that is fixed on your website and you can’t remove it. Why? Well this is where you and we make the money. Millions of car related products are placed on your website in such a way that it doesn’t look like advertisements. Your users will be happy to find the products they are looking for on your website, and for you the best part is that you get paid for it.

Meetings & Events
This is a full calendar where your users are able to add meetings and events. Being online is nice, but meetings and open discussions in real life are even better. Afterwards your users can add the photos of that event, like an online after party with photos.

Photos are what a social network needs to keep attracting people. So that is why we developed a photo stock system for you where people can add their own photos. The photos will be shown on the WhatZup timeline, but you can also add an album button to your menu so all people can see the albums.
Car forum
With us you have a chance to create a forum that is perfectly integrated into our system. For many communities the forum is the heart of the website where people debate about their passion for cars with each other. We developed standard categories and subcategories which you can use to start the website with.

It’s a kind of car battle. Each time we show two random cars from your website and it is up to the user to choose the one they want. The system will rank the cars according to the taste of your users.
Automotive directory
Maybe you know them, those long pages with a lot of boring links on them? Well it’s not about our software. We give your link directory the chance to look much better. You can add a good description to each link as well as whatever photos you want.

GazZup gives your users the chance to create their own page, blog or group on your website. Imagine your website is all about hotrods, and maybe some users want to make a group only about Ford hotrods to post about and discuss them on that page. Adding “Pages” to your website gives your users the extra features that they are looking for.
Do you visit a lot of companies, or do you like to provide exclusive stories about drivers and car owners? Then add “Interviews” to your website. An interview can be added only by the webmaster but it gives your users the chance to read about more than just short stories.

Members, Clubs & Companies
It’s up to you who you want to see as a user of your website. Do you make your website just for members, or do you want to split them up? The differences are not very big, but by splitting them not only does it help users to browse companies and clubs easier, but it also enables companies and clubs to be better profiled.
Now you know a little bit about what you can do with our software. And as you understand by now, this is not the kind of software you can only start a boring forum with. GazZup gives you a full, new experience 100% focused on cars.
First you will build your website using GazZup. After that you will control it using your Admin Panel. Here you can add, change and delete your users and content. But most of the time you will spend on your website itself. Interaction with your users is essential to have a successful website.
Don’t worry about the technical questions or hosting, we will keep on developing new features for you, and we will do our best to keep your website stable and host it all on premium servers.
If you have any questions, problems or just need a brief talk, contact us. Mail, Skype, chat or make a ticket and we will get back to you.