What does profit sharing mean?

Not only do we give you our software for free, but we also share our profit with you.

What do you mean with Profit?

The profit is the net amount of money we receive from an advertiser. Sometimes we have to pay a commission to an advertising agent; this is the only cost we deduct from the money we receive.
  • € 100
  • 20%
  • € 80
  • Up to 60%
  • Up to € 48
  • 40%

How does it work?

Well, very simple, the better your website is, the more we share with you. And we share up to 60% of the profit with you.
Percentage increase for the posted content.
Percentage increase for the new users
Domain name
Connect your domain name and get 20%.

How do we pay you?

When your balance reaches 20€, you can do a payment request and we will pay you out.

Who are the advertisers?

Our advertisers are companies which want to show their products in our shop system, advertise small ads at the side of your page or show a big advertisement on the top of the page and next to a photo.

What if we have no advertisers for you?

You can add your Google AdSense code to your website; we will show it 50/50 with our AdSense code.


a. We build in an anti-fraud system and we monitor where the clicks, views and sales come from.
b. If we see irregularities or expect fraudulent behavior, we will freeze your balance.
c. After we investigate it, we can unfreeze your balance. We can also block it, and you will lose the amount of money you gained.
d. We take fraud very seriously, and we don’t block any balance just for fun or because you made too much money.
e. We do not refund any money to publishers that want to stop their websites because they got blocked. This means if you paid for 12 months and you got blocked after 4 months because of fraud, you can still continue using the website, but we will not pay you any money if you want to stop your website.